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School Classroom Student Computer Monitoring Software for Teacher


Because students are minor, So they are lack of self-control. It is necessary for teacher to monitor their computer performance in school classroom or computer lab. Without a doubt, LAN Employee Monitor is the best spy software for teacher to monitor all the computers in real time. Teacher can use it to watch all the students’ computer screen and manage all the files in students’ computer hard disk.

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Computer course has to be a basic course in university and senior middle school, Even junior high school and primary school have initiated this course. But many students play games, view web sites or news in class. In the purpose of improving teaching and management, many school used monitoring software to monitor and manage students’ computer activities. In order to don’t infringe on student’s privacy and incur antagonism among them, Before install it, school leader or teacher should inform them there are monitoring software is installed in their computers. It's a very hard job pumping facts into roguish pupils, but with LAN Employee Monitor, it greatly improves the students’ consciousness. They will know what's right for them to do in class.

LAN Monitoring Software

Why Teacher Need This School Student Computer Monitoring Software in Classroom

1, Teacher can know if the students are doing something about studying in real-time.
Generally, teacher stand on platform, all students computer monitors back on to teacher. So teacher can’t see their screen unless he goes to the back of the classroom or computer lab. At this time some unruly pupils will start act up. They look as if they are operating computer in earnest. In fact, they are doing miscellaneous things which are not study-related. With student monitoring software, they dare not to have their own way in class.
2, Distribute and collect schoolwork.
Teacher need to assign schoolwork or homework in computer. Such as teacher need send examination contents to all the student’s computer. In normal times, they need use a flash disk to copy the contents to all computers. Now, with LAN Employee Monitor, teacher can send the files to all the computer which is in classroom or computer lab. Also can collect all the files from students’ computer. In another words, teacher can manage all the files which is in students’ computer system.
3, Monitor examination
When teacher give students an examination in computer, in order to prevent from cheating on exams, teachers need walk up and down in classroom without stopping. With our classroom monitoring software, all the screens will show in teacher’s computer clearly. Teacher can discover any detail which happened in student’s computer. It also can save screen shot logs to local disk in predeterminate time period.