LAN Employee Monitor V 4.32
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LAN Employee Monitor is the best employee computer activity monitoring software to monitor employees' internet usage real-time. As a television wall, all computers desktops will show in your computer. Moreover, you can remote control all these computers with your keyboard and mouse with freedom. Another useful function is remote file management; you can control all files in your network, such as get files from remote computer, transport files to remote computer, delete, rename file and copy, paste file. At the newest version, we have added keystroke recording function and website visit monitoring function.

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How to monitor employee computer activity is a popular topic of daily conversation by managers. Obviously, LAN Employee Monitor is the best internet usage monitoring software to resolve this problem.

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Why I can't Monitor Employee Computer Activity with this Internet Usage Monitoring Software

1. Please make sure if server computer and agent computer are at the same network.

2. Did you have installed agent software in employee's computer? And after you install it, you should press shortcut key Alt + L to input server computer's IP address to the first edit-box, you can find server computer's IP address on the title bar of server software.

3. After you install server software and agent software, windows firewall will pop up a window, at this moment, you should click "allow access" or "unblock" button. If you didn't do so, now you can try to close firewall or add our software to exclusion list in control panel.

4. If you can see two IP address on server software title bar and you can't monitor employee computer activity after you input the first IP address, now please try to input the second IP address to agent software.

5. Please try to close antivirus software on both sides. If you can monitor employee computer after you do so, it proved antivirus software have blocked our internet usage monitoring software. Now you can re-open antivirus software and then add our software to exclusion list.

6. If you are registered users and you are monitoring several employees' computers now. You should input a different port number in different agent computers, and then when you add this user in server software you should set the same port value which you have set in that agent computer.