LAN Employee Monitor V 4.32
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LAN Employee Monitor is the best tool for monitoring the local network in real time. You can see all the computer screens in your computer with television matrix wall. Any marginal changes of that computer will embody in your eye with no delay. Furthermore, the computer users which be monitored can’t detect the happenings; they can use the computer as usual. It has zero impact to computer running. They can chat, view web page, play game, or do other operation in computer like there is no this real time network monitoring software in it.

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Pros of This Real Time Network Monitoring Software

LAN Monitoring Software

1, Easy to learn. Everybody can quick start to use it after two or three minutes. Almost you needn’t to set any parameter, Only you need to set is input the IP address of manager’s computer in the agent software. Furthermore, there are video guide in the package of this software, you can learn to use it very quickly.
2, The interface of this software is terse. When you monitor the network computer, you can set the software to hide toolbar, hide left bar, hide tabs. In this case, There are no unwanted items in monitoring area. Every computer screen can be monitored with maximized size. More excellent is all these styles will be saved, when you run this software next time, the interface will be the same with the last time when you close it.
3, It can be used in the network which doesn’t connect to the internet.
In many company, all the computers don’t connect to the WAN for security reasons. Many other real time network monitoring software need all the computers connect to the internet because a wide variety of reason.
4, It support wireless network perfectly.
Nowadays, WIFI is very popular in the last few years. Computers and mobile telephone can connect to a wireless router automatically when they are within a certain distance. With LAN Employee Monitor, both wired and wireless network can be monitored invisibility.
5, It has great compatibility.
It support all windows system include Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. No matter it is 32 bits or 64 bits system, no matter it is desktop computer or laptop computer too.

Misunderstanding in Real Time Network Monitoring Software

1, I can monitor all the screens in my network don’t need their permission and don’t need to install agent software in those computers.
Truth: I thought if everybody can do it, Microsoft Corporation will bust up. Security of operation system is the first consideration with OS developing company. By way of analogy, If we want to know something with the enemy, we should arrange a spy go among the enemy in disguise. So install a agent software in this computer is the first thing to be done if you want to real time monitor this computer in your network.