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LAN Employee Monitor is a popular computer lab monitoring software for teacher to manage all computers. Most of the students like to have class in multimedia classroom or computer laboratory. It is comparatively rare that students can access computer in some poor and backward developing country or territories. They will be excited and curious about the computer world. So it is necessary to strengthen administration and supervision with management software.

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To some students, computer lab lesson is a casual course. They can do anything as they please. Playing computer games, listen to songs, see a film, and even watch pornography sites which have a great impact on their future life. So first imperative of school leader is to arrange network manager to install computer lab monitoring software. In many school, our LAN Employee Monitor software play the important role to do this job.

LAN Monitoring Software

Some Reviews for This Computer Lab Management Software

1, I am a computer teacher worked at a junior high school which is in an African country. There is only two computer lessons every week. I will teach them in common classroom at uneven week and teach them in computer lab at even week. In other days, students are very stimulated in computer lab class hours. They entirely don’t hear what I am saying. And do anything which they want to do. When I walk up to them, they pretend to listen scrutinizingly. When I come back to platform, then they resume the thing which is doing before. After using this computer lab monitoring software, all they are obedient. All their performance in school picked up.
2, Our computer lab has fifty eight computers. Some kids always forget to turn off the computer at the end of their class. I have to close it one by one. After installing LAN Employee Monitor, I can close all the computers keep sit in platform. The intensity of labor is decreased by a long way.
3, I am a university computer teacher in United States. I need to maintain school equipment including computers, software, and network. I will install some educational software to assist in the instruction. I am tired from running around the computers. Now, with this computer lab management software, I can transfer files to all computers which needn’t another people who is in that computer assist to do it. After transfer finished, I can run it remotely. Also can use my mouse and keyboard to remote control that computer. It saved the time and increase efficiency because I don’t need to move frequently.
4, Three years ago, I am a network administrator in a property firm and I used this software to manage staff’s computers. Last year, I have changed the job and become a computer lab teacher. Because I am so familiar with this product, So I use it to manage all computers in my classroom. Thanks for your company’s best computer lab management software.