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LAN Employee Monitor is the best software for local LAN network monitoring and management. With it, you can view all the desktop in your LAN real-time. In addition, you can control and manage all the computers all-directionally which you have installed the agent software. It widely used in company, school, hospital, and some families. Because the data transfer rates have moved into 100MB per second or more in local area network, So it can monitor up to 100 computers at the same time. All the computers will tile in the server software window, If you want a agent computer to be key monitoring target, You can click the user name in the user list to monitor it solely.

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Why So Many People Download Local LAN Network Computer Monitoring and Management Software

Our customer located throughout the world. There are many people from all walks of life are using LAN Employee Monitor.

LAN Monitoring Software

It will help you:

1, Company
Now, many enterprises are totally in the state of poor performance. Some small business did survive on the margins of society, some small company have closed down because of poor management. In company office, many employees are doing non-work-related activities. Saying as: boss and staff are natural enemies. There is no self-motivated employee. If the boss wants to improve performance, The only way is strict administration. So local LAN network monitoring and management is immediate necessity. LAN Employee Monitor is the best choice to do it.

2, School
In classroom or computer house in school, teacher should monitor the computer activities of student. On a previous occasion, teacher should circulated from group to group in class. With this local LAN monitoring software, teacher can sit at platform, all the kids’ computer screen will show on his/her computer desktop. When the student is doing non-study-related thing, you can discover it instantly.

3, Family
Many children will play computer when they are at home. Their parents want to know what their kids are doing on computer. But the child is in their private room and closed the door. It seemed it is impossible to do it. In fact, With this local LAN management software of LAN Employee Monitor, Parents can see all the online activity of their child. But I think you should tell you child you are monitoring him. Otherwise, he will very angry when he discovered you do it. Generally teenagers are rebellious, a strict upbringing is needed, but the parents must pay attention to ways and means.