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LAN Employee Monitor is multifunctional spy software for you to monitor a lot of information in your local network. Logging keystroke is an important function of this LAN keylogger software. When somebody presses a key in keyboard, corresponding letter or number will show in your computer instantly. If they input a wrong character and then press backspace to delete it, the characters which show in your computer will disappear synchronously. In order to let you know more exactly, when they input in a new window, it will show the current time and window title. These will help you to know what time and what program are they typing.

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Other than spy keylogger, it provides a lot of other functionality. Such as LAN screen spying, net traffic monitoring, website monitoring and filtering, remote controlling, processes forbidding. The following is window shot when monitoring sixteen remote computers.

LAN Monitoring Software

Excellent Feature of Our LAN Keylogger Software

1, It monitors almost all countries’ languages.
There are many different languages in world. Most LAN keylogger can only record English character, they are powerless when other people input non-English words. Our software almost support to recording all countries’ text such as Chinese.

2, It can saved keyloggers to hard disk for later reference.
Not only you can see the characters which are others typing now in real time, but also you can consult it in future anytime. You can set it save all keystrokes in your local hard disk separate with date. Every employee’s daily keylogger will saved in a document which named with the date.

3, Monitor keyboard input in real time.
Many keystroke recording software can saved keyloggers to file. But they can’t transport it to LAN computer. Our LAN keylogger can see all other people’s key stroke in real time. You can sense there is no any input lag. Just like an old typewriter, I think it is an amusive thing that you can see the characters show in your screen singly.

4, Auto clear appointed days' previous key loggers.
The keystroke record which is typed in many days ago is useless. You can set LAN keylogger software clear it automatically. By the way, it not only auto clear keyloggers, all the logs such as screen shots, websites visit record will be clear automatically. So you won’t need to delete files by your hand periodically and the logs won’t occupy too much space.