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How to monitor other computers on my network - LAN Employee Monitor


LAN Employee Monitor, An easy-to-use invisible LAN monitoring software. It enables you to view all other PC screen and activity in real time and manage all the computers in your LAN. It can improve performance and obtaining higher efficiency with your employee and reduced manpower costs. You can try it for ever before you purchase it. There are many users of our software all over the world. You only need to install agent software in the employee computer and then you will be able to control that computer completely. This best network monitoring software supports all windows system: 32bit and 64bit windows XP, Vista and windows 7.

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Key feature of LAN Employee Monitor - Tell you how to monitor other computers on my LAN

1. Monitor the desktop real-time.
It can monitor all the screens in real-time. All the desktop will tiled in the manager's computer. If you want to focus on an employee, you can double-click the area of this employee, then it will Maximized and fill the entire screen, covering up whatever is beneath them. Double-click again will return to the old status with tiled desktop just like the following interface.
LAN Monitoring Software

2. Remote desktop administrator, remote control.
You can use your keyboard and mouse to remote control the employee's computer and needn't they permission. You can input text and move the window just like you are control your own computer. Notice: you can see the remote control button when you only monitor one employee with this LAN spy software. You can't remote control when the screen is tiled.

3. File management and transfer.
After click "File Manage" you can see a window like the following picture. Left area is the files in manager's computer. Right area is the files in the employee's computer. You can transfer file between these two computers easily and undetectable by right-click the file and then click "download" or "upload" menu. Additionally, you can copy, paste, rename, and delete all the files. Notice: you can't copy file in this computer and paste the file in the other computer, you can copy and paste in the same computer.

4. Auto save the screenshot in set interval.
Manager is not possible to view the software continued. If the manager is away from the computer, If we can solve the problem of how to monitor other computers on my network? The answer is yes. LAN Employee Monitor can do it. Because it can record the screenshot in set intervals automatically.

5. View and terminate the program which is running in the employee's computer.
When you found somebody is playing game, you can terminate it in the manager's computer. The employee will see the game is terminated with no sign.

6. Forbid the employee to run some program.
If you want to forbid another employee to run special program. You can set all the process names in the configuration dialog separated by commas. Then the employee will be not able to run it.

LAN Employee Monitor support laptop and desktop computer, You can free trial it before you purchase it. You can use this LAN Remote Control Software tool in your office network or home family network. It is the best solution for how to monitor other computers on my network.