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Remote Control Other Computers on Your Network


Do you want to take control of another computer on your network? LAN Employee Monitor is just the sort of software you need. With it you can monitor and remote access another computer from your computer. All remote computer screens which are on the same network will be in front of your eyes. When you need to control a computer, you only need click remote control button to start operate that computer with your own keyboard and mouse. Any mouse click and keystroke action will be responded instantly that just like you are using your own PC. Excellent respond speed can’t make you feel you are controlling a remote computer.

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How to Remotely Control a Computer on the Same Network

1. Install agent software and server software.
Many people asked the question about how to remote control a computer through IP address. But it is probably impossible. If you want to know enemy’s secret, you should appoint a spy to go among the enemy in disguise, and so do computer monitoring. Indispensable process is you should install agent software in the remote computer which you want to control.

2. Established connection
Before transmit data packets between two computers, they should connect to each other. After install this LAN remote desktop software, you should press hotkey Alt+L to unhide agent software and then input the IP address of server software in the first edit-box (You can find IP address of server in the title bar of server software).

3. Add user in server software.
After establish connection, you should click add user menu in server software. User name let you makes it possible to distinguish whose screen are you seeing. So you’d better input the real name of the remote computer user. Port is important to establish connection. You should type the same port number in agent software and when you add this agent user.

4. Click remote control button.
When you can view the desktop of other computer, you can click “remote control” button to start operate that computer with your mouse and keyboard. Without other people’s permission, you can remote access and control it smoothly.

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