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How to Access LAN Computer Remotely - LAN Remote Desktop Control Software


LAN Employee Monitor is the best spy software to remote control the computer desktop in real time. After you install the agent software in the computers which you want to monitor, you can remote access these computers proceed without any hindrance. No matter how far away the PC is, Whether it is desktop computer or notebook PC, no matter the system is windows XP, Vista or Win7, all the PCs are under your control. Ordinarily you can view all the screen in LAN, when you want to remote control it, you can do it no need their permission. Then you can use your mouse and keyboard to control that computer just like you are using your own computer.

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How to Access LAN Computer Remotely with LAN Employee Monitor

1, In the beginning, we should download and install both the agent software and server software in the employee’s computer and boss’s computer.

2, Press the hotkey ALT+L in the employee’s computer system to un-hide the agent software and input the IP address of manager’s computer. Notice: Many users input the employee’s IP address in the agent software. This is wrong. Just post a letter, If you want to post a letter, you should write the addressee's address on the envelopes. Because the agent will post the screen-shot and other data to the server computer, off course you should tell the agent software where the data should send to.

3, Add user in the server software.

4, Click the “Remote Control” button in the top left corner. You can get more details in the following picture.

LAN Remote Control Software

Why We need this LAN Remote Desktop Control Software?

1. Assist us to solve computer problem.
Many network administrator of hospital order our software to assist they solve problem in remote LAN computer. Many doctor is unlearned in computer. But they need to use computer to assist they treat patients. There are many specialized software system in the computer, When there is a breakdown or the doctor don’t know how to use it. The network administrator will be kept constantly on the run. If we use LAN Employee Monitor to remote control the desktop will greatly raise efficiency and decrease labor.

2. Monitor all the employee’s activities.
In many companies, leader need to reviewing the employee’s work frequently. With this LAN Remote Control Software, leader needn’t go up to the worker, and he have a bird's eye view of the entire LAN computers. It solve the problem of How to monitor other computers on LAN perfectly.

3. Somebody need to operate some computers at the same time.
Like some software developer, they need to test their software in many computers. With this LAN Remote Desktop Software, They only need to operate a computer to remote control other computers to do it.